Anonymous asked:

dont kid yourself, life owes you nothing if you dont put in the self study/work required to get anything from it. teachers, colleagues alike, cant spoon feed your ass every fucking hour of your life.


AAAAAH is those one of those? hate mail? aggressive clash of opinions? i’ve always wanted to get some! AH, SO YOUTHFUL! 


but i agree completely. no one can learn for you, i don’t think i’ve ever said otherwise. on the other hand, it’s a matter of quality & quantity of information. in other words, environment is very important too. 

i make a point to never stress about hard work, especially on tumblr, because i am sick and tired of artists getting questions like “how can i improve” and their answer is always “well, YOU GOTTA WORK WORK WORK.” everyone is expecting that, everyone inherently knows that, so let’s just put it aside. 

I think recognizing that there are other forces that also influence your improvement is important because then you can identify your needs and put yourself in a position with more chances - and that’s still hard work (just as how you’d move to a city with more job opportunities in your field. it doesn’t mean you’re being spoon fed a job HAHA)

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end-spire asked:

waaah, I just found your blog and it is amazing!!! I can't wait to see more!!


please stay tuned because, while i am still waiting for my carpal tunnel to go away, I am planning a very interesting, long term project! 

thank you for the follow!! <3


seayoursoul asked:

Hello! My name is Kassie and I just stumbled across your website on here and love love love your work! Very inspiring! I'm actually interested in graphic design myself. I had always planned on going to art school, but as life happens, things change, and I am unfortunately unable to right now. I'm off to community college in my state for an AA in graphic design. Any advice for an aspiring artist/graphic designer? I'd really appreciate it! xox


Oh wow hey THANKS. (let me first say that I am completely overwhelmed that people actually click that link ??) 

Let me just start this off with a little interesting fact about what happened to me after I graduated one of THE most prestigious universities of the ~VERY~ FINE~ ARTS and got a job (i don’t want to say the name of it but it starts with R …and ends with ISD):

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seayoursoul ask

As accident prone queen I have injured my wrist and thus, cannot draw or animate for a while. Instead, my dear friend named Shoon Why suggested I attempt entertaining people with a badly scribbled comic. 
Coincidentally, I did want to tell a story of my childhood. A story of beginnings. A story that led me to my current “profession.”

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comic dear diary

some shots from the background painting I am working on right now. (this is seriously a pain)
i still have no idea what the animation is going to be but I guess I’ll do whatever I feel like when the time comes. 

please look forward to it!

painting digital art background art

perhaps you are wondering what brains have to do with anything. let’s wonder together. we are all wonderful. 

izuki shun